Misplaced priorities

This world is not a place where we belong. People live lives like they will never die but live forever. And again, there are a lot of people who are alive but do not actually live. Most of us can not differentiate between the two. Being alive does not necessarily mean living! Meaning? Any being with a soul attached to it’s body is alive. Plants,brutes and Mankind have souls,but do plants and bruteslive? Well, but that is a discussion for another day, today I have something more important to talk about.

So I’ll repeat myself. The world is not a place where we’ll dwell forever, it is just a spot where we seek the path to our destiny. What is our destiny? we all know the answer to that, depending on the lifestyle one leads. I’m seated at the end of a huge rock besides the waters of Fort Jesus, dangling my feet as I am writing this piece on my Lumia 520. The music in my ears don’t sound no more,the sense of touch on the screen is not feeling,the roughness of the rock is not hurting to my sitting apparatus. I am completely numb, all that I have are thoughts that are running on my mind. How did get myself here?

It is during the one and a half hours lunch break. As any other normal day, I’d leave the office situated on the 9th floor ofBima Tower and head direct to Tarbush or Barka hotel to have my expensive Biryan or Pilau with some very nice freshpassion or mango Juice. Once I leave the office my mind is focused on how will the food be like on that particular day. But, today I am not hungry, I have been sipping quarters of water that are still in my tummy, so I can think of something else on my way there. If I’m not thinking of how the food will be like then I’ll be thinking of Muthoni, she took a significant amount of my thoughts. But as I had said, today things are different. I’m thinking of how I’ll save money to pay up for my Kshs 50,000 debt I owe to a certain company and raise funds to start investing because I am getting older. So I said to myself I won’t spend the normal Kshs500 on lunch, I will spend less and save at least half the amount


No sooner had that thought click, than two young kids in shabby clothes approached me. “Uncle naomba utusaide na lunch.” I indulged in the habit of saying “sina pesa”  even before they expressed their torments and they would shy away. So I sticked to my routine and my heartless words. There is something either wrong or right with this Monday! After thetoddlers left me, unlike the other days, I sat down and started thinking. I first asked myself, “what if I was the toddlerbegging? How would I feel?” I wallowed in my thoughts, I remembered my childhood days. The hardship I went through, the pain and hunger I succumbed when we had nothing to call our own. When we were in hell on earth. Tears rolled down my cheeks, I became insane. I could not hold them so I just let them wash the shame off my face. I stood up and began walking only to find myself here, besides this ocean. I remembered how yesterday ‘we’ went to Bella Vista Sports to watch soccer and spent over Kshs 2,000 on nothing. How Friday and Saturday nights rocked and the amount of money I spent equivalent to someone’s monthly salary. I remembered how lavish I have been living, all in the name of having funbefore my time to start pushing up daises. Tomorrow is ‘her’ birthday, how I had planned to surprise her. I questioned my lifestyle, and realised I was wrong. I need to do things with moderation. I need to set my priorities right. I need to share my blessings with others.

The big question. How long are we going to be here? Then,After we are gone what is going to help us find true happiness. Does this lavish living add value to our lives? Or takes away our dignity? What is important? The short life on earth or the life after, in our places of destiny? These are questions each one of us should ask themselves. We need to start asking ourselves questions. Question our lifestyle and see how we are living. Then I stood up and rushed to the office before I was late.


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